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The focus of our high quality selection of paintings is on exceptional works of art of the 19th century and pictures by renowned modern and contemporary Austrian artists. The assortment of Lilly’s Art includes paintings of the Austrian “Atmospheric Impressionism”, of the art after 1945 and of the 20th century. Important national contemporary painters like the exponents of Art Informel (Markus Prachensky, Soshana), of the different movements of expressionism (Josef Mikl, Franz Grabmayr, Otto Muehl) and of the “Neue Wilde”/“New Wild Style” (Gunter Damisch, Hubert Scheibl, Hubert Schmalix) are also represented. Another highlight is the newly discovered painter Peter Dotrel (1942-2013), a pupil of Herbert Boeckl and Franz Elsner. Works of art by the “Picasso of Prague” – Pravoslav Kotik – bring international flair to our selection of paintings.