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Antique Clocks from internationally renowned Viennese clockmakers are awarded a considerable part of our attention. Long years of experience with the market leader enable us to make an unquestionable expert judgement as to authenticity and condition. Furthermore we have great competence in restoration and maintenance. These assets provide assurance with any purchase and the security for you to of knowing your clock in capable hands in case of service. At Lilly’s Art you can find exceptional clocks from the 18th and 19th century from Vienna, the Crown lands of Habsburg monarchy and other European cities. Our selection includes antique clocks like bracket clocks, cartel clocks, mantel clocks, Empire clocks, picture clocks, long case clocks, table clocks, tiny tickers, regulators (Laterndluhren, Dachluhren) and many more. You can also find foreign treasures of the art of clock making in our offer.

Lilly’s Art offers timepieces from different eras, from the Middle ages until the Biedermeier period. Many of the most interesting development stages of wheel clocks with different drives, escapements and oscillators can be found in our assortment. The various, masterly crafted types of clock cases out of precious materials bear witness of the taste stylistical mannerisms of the contemporary taste and also show the appreciation for clocks through all times.