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Mikl, Josef

Josef Mikl "Rote Büste"


1929 – Vienna – 2008

“Rote Büste” (“Red Bust”)
signed and dated lower left “M60”
oil on canvas
73 ½ × 44 in

This painting – “Rote Büste” (“Red Bust”) – carried out in tones of vibrant blue, orange and red by the renowned Austrian painter Josef Mikl, was created just a few years after he completed his degree, making it one of the artist’s coveted early pieces of work. Like most of his artwork, it was developed on the basis of the human figure; however, due to the level of abstraction, this is only hinted at in the final piece. The focus of Mikl’s work is on the interplay between form and color. What is characteristic for him are the generous, spontaneous and sweeping brush stroke as well as the brilliant coloring. This painting emits sensual presence, vitality and joie de vivre.