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Cartel Clock with Floral Decor

Kartelluhr mit floralem Dekor


Vienna, last quarter of the 18th century

carved and gilt lime wood, polychrome mounted,
anchor escapement, Viennese grande sonnerie on bells, repeater, turn-off for strike, pull-wind alarm on bell
37¾ in

The masterly carved casing of this cartel clock is decorated with a translucent polychrome paint. The brass hands on the enamel dial are finely pierced. On top is a lotus blossom with a ring with bead and reel fillet and rich polychrome painted floral foliage. On both sides of the case drum is a carved foliage with grapes. The lower part of the case has a stepped rectangular shape with an opening for the pendulum bob and is decorated with two spheres and acanthus foliage. The Viennese grande sonnerie on bells has a turn-off for the strike and a repeater. The movement is also equipped with a pull-wind alarm.