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Höfinger, Johannes

Johannes Höfinger Phoebe


*1967 Vienna

"HH 2008"
carved and black stained pear wood
42¾ in

The sculptor Johannes Höfinger, born in Vienna in 1967, studied from 1990 to 1994 at the Academy of Fine Arts under Franz Xaver Ölzant. In addition to his delicate “time-sculptures” and crystalline marble and stone figures, the cubic forms of his years at the Academy are recurring elements in Höfinger’s oeuvre. Here, the influence of his famous father Oskar Höfinger and hence his teacher Fritz Wotruba are apparent.
Phoebe was a Titan in the world of the Greek gods. As the goddess of the moon, she brought light into darkness, as the ruler of the Oracle of Delphi, she brought enlightenment to the intellect. “Phoebe – the illuminated – inspired me in terms of this Cubist figure carved from pear wood. Its black stained surface absorbs and reflects light, similar to the moon which is illuminated by the sun, but to us seems to glow by itself.” J. Höfinger