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Böhme, Ferdinand

Ferdinand Böhme Kassandra

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"FB 3-6 2016"
bronze no. 3/6, partly coated in shellac and mounted with oil paint, glass crystals
42×35½ in


a seer who could not be heard

dedicated to the net

in memory of those who stayed away from mythology a little too long

kassandra, daughter of priam king of troy, interventions during and after the casting process. consequently sister of the simple-minded pretty paris and hector, the infamous warrior prince.

matching her place of origin, she was strikingly enchanting, she was desired by the divine apollo. to make her compliant, the courtship begins with a tricky gift, the gift to prophesy the truth. sheremained steadfast. divine gifts at that time had no return option and as such returns were impossible. to complete her gift ad absurdum, she would not be believed. she receives the grace of the curse as a farewell gift of her spurned lover.

ergo, troy ignores her warning prophecy.

what follows is their shared demise by a not quite hollow wooden horse.

the one who knows powerless as a witness.

hard to beat for timeliness.“ (Ferdinand Böhme, 2023)

Ferdinand Böhme is in search of universal humanity – between nature, from which the human body emerged, and culture, a parallel world created by mankind itself. Legends, myths, but also art history are important foundations for Böhme‘s creative process. Ferdinand Böhme lets this combination of nature and culture culminate in his sculptures and plastics, creating figures of the gods and legends or icons of art and cultural history. Böhme, born ”in a nameless place” in 1967, underwent extensive sculptural training (Hallein Sculpture School, Mozarteum Salzburg, Linz Art Academy, etc.), but considers himself stylistically self-taught. He developed his unmistakable artistic signature through his involvement with artistic greats such as Alberto Giacometti, Oskar Kokoschka, Egon Schiele, El Greco, but also with the legendary sculptors of Roman and Greek antiquity. Like all his bronzes, ”Kassandra“ is unique thanks to Ferdinand Böhme‘s numerous artistic interventions during and after the casting process.

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