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Month-Going Regulator (“Dachluhr”) “Julius Krum Neusohl”

Dachluhr mit Monatsgang Julius Krum Neusohl


Neusohl/Habsburg Monarchy, first half of the 19th century

“Julius Krum Neusohl”
Julius Krum,
Neusohl (Banská Bystrica/Slovakia), mentd. 1866
polished mahogany veneer, maple stripe inlay
Graham escapement, duration of one month
34 ½ in

In 1866, the universal scholar Franz von Kubinyi wrote of Neusohl (Banská Bystrica) that it was among those towns that had been home to famous clockmakers for a long time. It was said, that ever since the time of Mathias Krum, an excellent master clockmaker of the 18th century, the knowledge of this art was passed down from father to son. And at the time the text was written, according to Franz von Kubinyi, two Krum brothers were working as well-known quality clockmakers in this city in the low mountain ranges of Slovakia, which had become rich thanks to gold and silver mining. In all likelihood, one of the two brothers he mentions was Julius Krum, the master craftsman of the outstanding Viennese regulator depicted here.

The excellent execution of the movement and clock case exemplify the high standard of quality aspired to by clockmakers even far away from the imperial capital. These small but downright distinguished regional centers of horology made it possible for the upper bourgeoisie throughout the entire Habsburg Empire as well as the nobility at their country estates to acquire top-notch masterpieces of the Viennese art of clockmaking.

The elegant case of this exquisite Dachluhr regulator has a noble mahogany veneer and is decorated with linear maple inlays. The generous glazing provides a glimpse of the monthgoing movement. It is understandable, therefore, that the master Julius Krum enjoyed an excellent reputation even during his lifetime.