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Tiny Ticker „St. Ludwig Church in Munich“

Zappler Kirchenmodell


Vienna, around 1840

fire-gilt bronze (ormolu), base out of ebonised fruit wood, glass dome
fire-gilt bronze (ormolu)
cylinder escapement
4¾ in

This Viennese tiny ticker, a so called „Zappler“, has an ormolu front in the shape of a church facade. It is a model of the parish and university church St. Ludwig (St. Louis) in Munich, which was built from 1829 until 1844. The facade is executed in great detail and structured with cornices, pilasters and lesenes. The center is accentuated with a gable with the ormolu dial. Below is a row of niches with sculptures and a tripartite round arch portal. The clock is mounted on a base out of ebonized fruit wood with a glass dome. The movement is equipped with a cylinder escapement, which was often used for Viennese tiny tickers.