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Rare small Table Clock “London anno 1693”

Seltene kleine Tischuhr London anno 1693


London, 1693

"London 1693" engraved on plate
engraved on the plate, wood veneered with horn, front made of engraved, engine turned and fire-gilt bronze (ormolu)
silver-plated and partly patinated metal, indication of hours in Roman and indication of minutes, in Arabic numerals in cartouches, brass hands
cut-out for mock pendulum, verge escapement with fusee, half hour strike on bell, repeater
6 in

Unusual about this small baroque table clock is not only its miniature format with a height of 6 in, but above all its veneer with horn. This material, rare for clocks of the time, gives the high rectangular case with round gable and four spherical feet an elegant, reduced and modern look. The silver-plated and partly patinated dial has Roman numerals for hours and Arabic numerals for minutes. It is mounted on an engraved, guilloché and fire-gilt metal front. Inside the dial ring is a tiny segmental arched opening through which the mock pendulum can be seen. The meaning of such a mock pendulum is that you can see at a glance whether the clock is running or not. The movement is signed „London anno 1693“ and has a verge escapement with fusee. Furthermore, it is equipped with a half-hour strike on a bell and a repetition.