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Picture Clock “Evening Mood at Lake Tegernsee”

Bilderuhr Abendstimmung über dem Tegernsee


Vienna, second quarter of the 19th century

gilt bull’s eye-frame
verge escapement, half hour strike on wire gong, turn-off for the strike, synchronous additional dial
oil on metal
24×30¼ in

Tegernsee Monastery, located on the lake of the same name in Upper Bavaria, was founded as early as the 8th century. The view of this Viennese picture clock shows the condition before 1803 – before the major conversion to the summer residence of the Bavarian king. The large entrance courtyard and the wings surrounding it are still present in the oil painting, so the church of St. Quirin is still in the center of the complex and not on its western front as it is today. The main dial is located in the north tower of St. Quirin. The synchronous second dial is integrated into the tower of the parish church of St. John Baptist, which was demolished around in 1804. In the background, you can see the parish church of St. Laurentius in Rottach-Egern as well as the peaks of the Bavarian Pre-Alps. The movement with verge escapement is equipped with a half-hour strike on wire gong.