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Bracket Clock with Carillon

Barockuhr mit Carillon Ignatius Henrich Insprugg

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Innsbruck/Tyrol, middle of the 18th century

"Ignatius Henrich Insprugg" (Plate)
Josef Ignatz Heinrich,
Innsbruck, 1749 moved from Brno to Innsbruck, long case clock from 1741 in the Tyrol State Museum
black stained fruit wood
dial ring, subsidiary dials and mounts silvered
anchor escapement, petite sonnerie with quarter strike by carillon with 9 bells and hour strike on bell, turn-off for strike and repeater, indication of date
17¼ in

This Austrian bracket clock was made by the master clockmaker Josef Ignatz Heinrich in Innsbruck/Tyrol during the middle of the 18th century. The case out of black stained fruit wood is mounted on four flat bun feet and has an eagle finial. The brass dial is completely covered in silvered mounts in the shape of baroque trellis ornaments with acanthus, floral elements and a mask. The dial ring and the subsidiary dials for turn-off for strike and repeater are silvered. Above the dial ring is a small window for the indication of date. The movement with anchor escapement is equipped with a petite sonnerie which chimes the quarter strike by a carillon with 9 bells.