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Long Case Clock „J. Bendele Salzburg“

Bodenstanduhr J. Bendele Salzburg


Salzburg/Austria, last quarter of the 18th century

"J. Bendele Salzburg"
Johann Bentele (Bendele/Pendele),
Salzburg, 1769 clockmaker-license, mentd. 1772
stained and polished hard wood, fire-gilt bronze mounts (ormolu)
wrought brass,
silvered dial ring
Graham escapement, strike on bell on request, alarm, indication of date, duration of two months
83½ in

This wonderful long case clock was made by the famous Salzburg clockmaker Johann Bentele (Bendele/Pendele) during the last quarter of the 18th century. Bentele came from a well-known family of Salzburg clockmakers. He created several clocks for the churches of his hometown, like that of St. Peter in 1780 and of the cathedral in 1782. The movement with Graham escapement has the unusual duration of 2 months and is equipped with a strike on bell on request, indication of date and an alarm. The case out of stained and polished hard wood is of timeless elegance. Its narrow and reduced shape is only decorated by carved moldings and fields and ormolu mounts.