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Böhme, Ferdinand

Ferdinand Böhme Fenster auf Hecke – Ausschnitt vom Paradies



“Window to a Hedge – Fraction of Paradise – Secession-Piece”
“FE BÖ 2022”
polished bronze – unique piece!
33 ¾×25 ½×4 ¾ in

“We need a window to glimpse paradise for a moment, which awakens the thirst to make our way on the spiritual path, whets our appetite for enlightenment. This window could be great sorrow that makes us give up or could be the vision of a drug experience. The orgasm, a trick of nature for the self-preservation of the species through reproduction. For a few seconds in the here and now, just existing, briefly liberated from the constantly turning wheel of our thoughts, brief peace that cannot be held, yet we long for this state to be permanent. Or when doing something creative, when one is so engrossed and suddenly stands a meter behind oneself and becomes only an observer of the process, equal to a state of meditation. On the way, on the irreversible way!“ Ferdinand Böhme, 2022

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