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Silver Tiny Ticker



Vienna, first half of the 19th century

engraved silver, turquoises, Viennese silver hall mark 13 “Lot” silver content from 1846 (? – hardly legible), master’s mark “FT” (Friedrich Georg Triesch, Vienna, active 1835–68) front with scrolling foliage, shell motifs and lion feet, ornately engraved on the sides and the reverse side
cylinder escapement, short front pendulum with bob in the shape of a circlet of turquoises
3¼ in

Viennese tiny tickers, so called “Zapplers” are a particularly valuable gem of the art of clockmaking. The movements of these clocks were made by skilled masters in miniature scale. In order to do justice to these technical marvels in miniature, the cases were particularly elaborately designed and made of precious materials.

In the case of this beautiful Viennese tiny ticker from the first half of the 19th century, silver was chosen. The case is decorated with engraved tendril work, is supported by four lion feet and is monogrammed „CB“ on the back. The front is decorated with acanthus volutes and shell motifs in relief. The enamel dial with Roman numerals is framed by a ring of set turquoise. The term turquoise comes from the French and is based on an error. In the Middle Ages it was thought that the „pierre turquoise“ came from Turkey. However, it was extracted in Iran and traded to Europe via Turkey. Other important sites of this rather rare mineral are on the Sinai Peninsula, China, the USA and Mexico. Turquoise was already valued as a gemstone in many early advanced civilizations, for example by the ancient Egyptians, Persians, Chinese and Aztecs. In most of these cultures it was attributed the greatest protective and healing power.

The movement of this miniature clock has a cylinder escapement and is connected to a short, fast swinging pendulum, which is located in front of the dial.

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