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Miniature Tiny Ticker with Leather Case

Miniatur Zappler mit Etui

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Vienna, first half of the 19th century

fire-gilt bronze (ormolu), front with scrolling foliage, shell and rocaille motifs and lion feet, original leather case (height 2.76 in.)
cylinder escapement, short front pendulum
2 in

Masterfully executed cases made of the finest materials despite the miniature format are a trademark of the best Viennese Tiny Tickers. These delightful clocks were already extremely popular in the 19th century as collector’s items and luxurious souvenirs from the Danube metropolis. In order to survive transport to the recipient, many Tiny Tickers had leather cases, which in most cases were lost through the years. It is all the more gratifying that the original case of this clock has been preserved. It is made of a leather-covered wooden core and lined with velvet.
The fire-gilt bronze case of this antique timepiece has a lavishly designed front with matt and shiny gold scrolling foliage, shell motifs and four lion feet. The name „Zappler“ comes from the fidgety swinging pendulum. It functions as a regulator for the movement with cylinder escapement. The enamel dial is decorated with Roman numerals and a minute ring.
This beautiful Viennese miniature clock from the first half of the 19th century with original case is a rare and sought-after treasure.