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Carriage Clock “Birdcage” „Lehrner in Kaschau 1825“

Reiseuhr „Vogelkäfig“ „Lehrner in Kaschau 1825“ (sign. auf Federbock)


Kosice/Slovakia, 1825

“Lehrner in Kaschau 1825” (signed on spring bracket)
engine turned and fire-gilt bronze (ormolu), elegant wooden case
made of engine turned and fire-gilt bronze (ormolu)
verge escapement, Viennese grande sonnerie on wire gongs, repeater, alarm on bell
9 in

The case of this Viennese carriage clock has the form of the rare and by collectors highly sought-after type of a „birdcage“. The fire-gilt and engine turned clock drum is located in the center of the cage with an arched top and hemispherical feet. In the cage over the drum, two lovebirds face each other at different heights. The crest is a small vase with a large handle. The dial is also very rich engine turned and fire-gilt and is protected by a glazed door. The movement with verge escapement has a Viennese grande sonnerie on wire gongs and an alarm on a bell. The clockmaker Lehrner in Kaschau has left his signature on the spring bracket and noted the year of manufacture – 1825.