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Wooden Relief „The Salvation“

Holzrelief „Die Erlösung“


Alpine, early 19th century
carved lime wood
original polychrome mounting
3 x 9 in.

Jesus as young boy with gloriole and dressed with a loincloth sleeps on a wooden cross. Above his feet are three cubes which allude to the Roman soldiers wo played for the garment of Jesus. The cross and the cubes are allusions to the forthcoming martyrdom and the ressurrection.

God-father rises above the boy with a gloiole symbolizing the Trinity and a cepter in his left hand and is flanked by two winged angels above spherical clouds. Below the depiction is the explanatory text in German: „Ich schlaf allhier als wie ein Kind, bis ich erwach und straf die Sünd“ (I sleep here as a child until I awake and punish the sins).

Helmut Nemec describes in his book about the treasures of folk art an almost identical relief as „best folk art“.

Compare Helmut Nemec: Schätze der Volkskunst, Vienna 1976, pp. 136-137.


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