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Damisch, Gunter

Gunter Damisch Ohne Titel


1958 Steyr/Upper Austria - 2016 Vienna

verso: "G. Damisch 1984"
oil on cardboard
39¼×36½ in

Gunter Damisch, born in 1958 in Steyr, was associated with the „Neuen Wilden“ („New Wild Style“) during the 80ies. Damisch is regarded as an energetic and versatile painter, draftsman, graphic designer and sculptor. His work adresses the natural world as well as the micro- and macro-cosmos. His „Weltenbilder“ („World Paintings“) with relief-like application of paint can be understood as either a microscopic habitat with amoeba-like micro-critters, or as a nebula with planets and galaxies. This early and extremely rare painting dates from the artists formative period of works. It impressively displays the development of his design vocabulary and motifs. A counterpart of the same measurements from the same year 1984 can also be purchased at Lilly’s Art.