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Höfinger, Oskar

Oskar Höfinger Sieger


*1935 Golling/Lower Austria

„The Winner“
Entwurf 1969
45×55×43 in

“Sieger” (“Winner”) is one of Oskar Höfinger’s major works from the time around 1970. The figure is designed from its center and has no mandatory point of view or positioning. Depending on the type of installation it can resemble a cheering person, soccer player, high jumper, javelin thrower, etc. Therefore, it seems natural that this figure was executed in monumental size (almost 10 ft high) for the Winter Olympic Games in Innsbruck 1976 and was erected in Admont (Styria). The human energy is is radiating into its surroundings, the extensive figure conveys self confidence and inner balance. The depicted sculpture was cast in bronze and has a height of 45 in.

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