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Gothic Madonna and Child

Madonna mit Kind Donauschule, um 1490


Danube School, around 1490
carved lime wood, mostly original polychrome mounting and gilding
36 ¼ in

The carver who created this stunning and elegant Madonna and child was a master of his craft. The figure is depicted as a Queen of Heaven standing on a pedestal (hollowed out in the back) carrying the infant Jesus in her left arm. In his outstretched left hand, the naked boy with playfully crossed legs shows a pomegranate, and with his right arm he is holding onto his mother’s veil. The pomegranate is a fruit steeped in symbolism that represents life and fertility. Mary is wearing a red dress; the mantle is gilded and the fall of the folds exposes part of the blue lining of the cloak. Her head is covered by a goldplated crown and a white veil that conceals only a little of her flowing brown hair. Her face is turned towards the observer head-on. The lovely faces, the slender shapes and the sweeping structure of the drapery endow the sculpture with a particular grace.

provenance: from an important Bavarian collection

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