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Höfinger, Oskar

Oskar Höfinger Gartenskulptur

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*1935 Golling/Lower Austria

Garden Sculpture
signed ”Oskar Höfinger“
93 ¾ × 94 ½ × 74 ¾ in


This impressive, singular outdoor sculpture, which can also be used as an outdoor grill, is a a truly unusual oneoff piece by Oskar Höfinger, one of the most important contemporary Austrian artists! Here, art goes hand in hand with a functional object, an everyday item. The oven is made of chrome-nickel steel. The signs of the work process – welding seams and rivets – were deliberately left in place by the artist; the resulting irregularities are intentional. With its stiff upright tail serving as a smoke vent, and the wide-open mouth in which to place the grill, the four-legged fantastic beast gives the effect of a spontaneous artistic arrangement. Yet despite the heavy materials, welded or joined together out of individual pieces, the shape of the object and the change of color of the chrome-nickel-steel surfaces nonetheless emanate a particular lightness. This remarkable piece of art captivates the imagination with its unusual shape, its function as a garden oven and its expressive aesthetics thanks to the manner in which the artist’s handiwork is made directly visible.