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Damisch, Gunter

Gunter Damisch Wilde Erdbeeren - Gelbe Doppelung


1958 Steyr/Upper Austria - 2016 Vienna

„Wild Strawberries – Yellow Doubling“
verso titled, signed and dated: "G. Damisch 88/89"
oil on canvas
63×63 in

This wonderful early painting by renowned artist Gunter Damisch impresses with its unusual composition and motifs. Embedded in a dark, impasto background are two parallel yellow fields of color which seem to be openings into another dimension brimming over with life. A red fruit floats in each of them, which the artist has labeled “wild strawberries” on the reverse of the painting. Gathered around the fruits are numerous “Flämmler”, tiny flame-shaped figures the artist liked to use to populate his works. Scarcely any other Austrian painter has such an unmistakable and authentic painting style as Gunter Damisch. In the 1980s, he was part of the “New Fauves” group of artists and in 1992 became a professor at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts. His impasto images of the world can be interpreted as a macrocosm with planets and galaxies or a microcosm with tiny, ameba-like entities. Through his art, Gunter Damisch tried to fathom the entirety of the universe as well as its smallest details.