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Brandl, Herbert/Egg, Loys

Herbert Brandl Loys Egg Ohne Titel


*1959 Graz/*1947 Bern

verso: "Brandl Egg 89"
oil and wood on canvas
68×56 in

This painting was created during a one-year cooperation of the renowned Austrian painter Herbert Brandl with the versatile Viennese artist Loys Egg. An important motif in Egg’s oeuvre, which includes sculpture, graphics and photography, are linear, three-dimensional, sign-like objects, which are made out of wood, copper wire, paint or lacquer. These sign-objects seem to be based on the calligraphic symbols of Informel art and are often mounted autonomously on the wall. Over the course of the cooperation with Herbert Brandl the sign-objects returned to the canvas. There they enter a dialogue with the paint, form a symbiosis with it, but also emphasize the variety of traces an artist’s hand can leave on the canvas.

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