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Brandl, Herbert/Egg, Loys

Herbert Brandl Loys Egg Ohne Titel


*1959 Graz/*1947 Bern

verso: "Brandl Egg 89"
oil and wood on canvas
74×60 in

In 1989 a cooperation between the renowned Austrian painter Herbert Brandl and the all-round artist Loys Egg resulted in a small dynamic series of paintings. In the previous years Loys Egg had a focus on the so-called „Driftings“: photographs of moving installations composed of painted wood objects carved in the shape of brush strokes, which floated on colored water. The coincidental constellations, which were formed by the drifting objects, were turned into two-dimensional pictures by the camera. These fascinating works of art, which combine sculpture, painting, installation and photography, impressed the famous painter Herbert Brandl. Now Brandl’s painting, the painted and poured color, became the medium which carried, moved and held Loys Egg’s wooden brush strokes. These dynamic pictures are sculptural paintings, painted reliefs, which vibrate from the artists‘ energy which was released during the unique creative process.

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