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Stoitzner, Josef

Josef Stoitzner Obstgarten


1884 Vienna – 1951 Bramberg/Salzburg

signed lower right “Stoitzner Josef”
oil on canvas
58 ¼×78 ¾ in

Josef Stoitzner – renowned Austrian painter, Vienna Secessionist and Künstlerhaus member – came from a large family of artists in which he was by far the most successful. In the art scene and among collectors, Josef Stoitzner is highly sought-after. Stoitzner established his style early on, rooted in the “Stimmungsrealismus” (Atmospheric Realism) of the 19th century to which he remained faithful and which he brought to perfection.

His images are incredibly precise and almost graphically linear; his characteristic artistic style is integrated into this linear conception. The composition of this painting is, typically for Stoitzner, set up from a low standpoint and depicts the tail end of an orchard in front of an enclosed courtyard with arcades. The rural motif is presented in the manner of a cut-out in a monumental format. Almost resembling a net, the wispy, thickly applied brush strokes stretch across the surface of the painting, adding to the image’s structure, depth, movement and vibrancy. Due to the use of lines and the reduction of the color palette to just a few tones, the painting takes on a very special, distinctive and linear aesthetic typical for Stoitzner.

lit.: E. Marx, P. Laub (ed.): Josef Stoitzner 1884–1951, Salzburg Museum 2010, p. 14 and 30.

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