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Makart, Hans

Hans Makart Blumenstück mit Blütenzweig und Pfingstrosen


1840 Salzburg – 1884 Vienna

“Flower Piece with Flowering Twig and Peonies”
Vienna, around 1884
oil on canvas
33 ¾ × 41 ¼ in

Artfully composed floral motifs painted with virtuosity are a hallmark of the great Austrian master painter Hans Makart. However, in Makart’s oeuvre, still lifes of flowers as independent works of art are a rarity and are thus highly coveted. This opulent floral piece is without doubt a highlight of this genre. The painter, who enjoyed immense success even during his lifetime, arranged this floral motif with great skill and elegance on an early summer’s day with an intensely brilliant, turquoise-blue sky – it appears to be cushioned on clouds. A little low tree with blossoming branches reaches its boughs towards the sun. Below it is a lush sea of blooms consisting of peonies and other flowering and green plants. It is therefore not a bouquet that is depicted, but rather living, proliferating nature, whose vital energy appears to leap out of the picture. The well-balanced and yet seemingly spontaneous composition, in addition to the masterly painting technique, bear witness to the artist’s great wealth of experience at the end of one of the most defining epochs of Austrian art history, the eponymous “Makart style”. This gorgeous piece is catalogued and depicted in Gerbert Frodl’s monograph.

illustr. in: G. Frodl: Hans Makart, Salzburg 1974, cat. no. 429, p. 417.

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