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Schatz, Otto Rudolf

Otto Rudolf Schatz Blumen-Stillleben


1900 - Vienna - 1961

„Floral Still Life“
lower right: "ORS"
oil on cardboard
31¾×26 in

The well-known Austrian painter and graphic artist Otto Rudolf Schatz was born at the turn of the last century. From 1915 to 1918 he studied at the Viennese arts college („Kunstgewerbeschule“) and was member of the artist’s association Hagenbund and Secession. Schatz was noted for his book illustrations and woodcuts, but also created masterful oil paintings and aquarelles. As early as 1925 he received the Grand Austrian State Prize. The „Floral Still Life“ impresses with its well-balanced composition and its light and lively coloring. Schatz almost completely abandons outlines – it is the color that defines the shapes, not the line. The background as well as the surface on which the vase is standing are dissolved in an atmospheric way. The soft manner of painting and the light colors of the summer flowers bestow the picture a cheerful aura. This wonderful painting by Otto Rudolf Schatz bears witness of the beauty of the summer months.

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