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Prachensky, Markus

Markus Prachensky ""Farnesina Dixie"


1932 Innsbruck – 2011 Vienna

„Farnesina Dixie“
signed and dated lower right 2006
acrylic on canvas
150×200 in
Prachensky is one of the most famous contemporary Austrian artists and is considered one of the most important representatives and figurehead of the European Art Informel. Numerous exhibitions at home and abroad underline his importance.
His dynamic, gestural works are expressive, explosive statements of feeling, mostly inspired by architectural or
scenic impressions from his extensive travels. While experimenting with form and color, Prachensky quickly found a characteristic and distinctive mode of expression with his abstract expressivity.
Prachensky was inspired to this painting primarily by the Villa Farnesina in Rome with its beautiful frescoes, „part on a beautiful gray background“, but also generally of Roman buildings with their symbolism of the Roman divine world.

Prachensky was born in Innsbruck in 1932 as son of the painter Wilhelm Nicolaus Prachensky. In 1952 he moved to Vienna, where he first studied architecture at the Academy of Fine Arts, then also painting from 1953 onwards, and attended Herbert Boeckl’s evening nude class. During this time, he also became friends with Josef Mikl, Arnulf Rainer and Wolfgang Hollegha. Together they founded the famous artist group “St. Stephan”. In 1957 Markus Prachensky became a member of the Vienna Secession. From 1982 until his retirement in 2000, he taught as a professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna and was head of the master class for painting. Until his death, Prachensky worked on his art work known all over the world.

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