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ART & ANTIQUE Hofburg Vienna


Hofburg Vienna (entrance Heldenplatz)

November 9th to 17th of 2019, daily from 11 am to 7 pm


Special exhibition „Peter Dotrel . Soul Flights“
during the Art & Antique Hofburg Trade Fair

Exciting new insights into the mysterious world of images and the soul of the fascinating painter Peter Dotrel are promised by a special exhibition as part of this year’s „Lilly’s Art“ trade fair display.

Known for selected paintings and sculptures by Austrian masters, the finest furniture and highlights of Viennese and international antique clockmaking, the Viennese gallery has for several years been dedicated to the reappraisal of Dotrel’s impressive oeuvre. The fourth art book, „Peter Dotrel. Seelenflüge“ is presented for the first time in the course of the exhibition of the same name in the Hofburg and is dedicated entirely to the artist’s outstanding works on paper.

For Dotrel, works on paper were the basis of his oeuvre, notes of thought, a multi-faceted medium, but above all an essential component of his work, equal in importance to oil paintings. With passionate, impulsive strokes and in various techniques, he sketched what he saw and felt. He worked out new motifs and created his own cosmos, populated with alien and then again so familiar beings. Dotrel’s work captivates with its richness of energy and absolute skill. One recognizes influences of Austrian greats such as Boeckl and Rainer; this is certainly one of the most important reworking of an artist’s estate of the 20th century, an unearthed treasure that is now coming to light.


Rack Clock

Vienna, last quarter of the 18th century

42 ½ in


Höfinger, Oskar

*1935 Golling/Lower Austria

“Samba Tänzerin” (“Samba Dancer”) original wooden model

78 ¾ in

Oskar Höfinger Samba Tänzerin

Kahrer, Max

1878 Timisoara – 1937 Klosterneuburg

“Der Silbersee” (“Silver Lake”) near Klosterneuburg

14 ½ × 17 ½ in

Max Kahrer Der Silbersee

Mikl, Josef

1929 – Vienna – 2008

“Rote Büste” (“Red Bust”)

73 ½ × 44 in

Josef Mikl "Rote Büste"

Mikl, Josef

1929 – Vienna – 2008

“Sitzende Bergfigur” (“Sitting Mountain-Figure”)

73 ½ × 44 in

Sitzende Bergfigur