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Weight Driven Miniature Wall Clock

Brettluhr mit Gewichtsantrieb Esche Detail

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Vienna, first half of the 19th century

softwood, ash veneered, fire-gilt bronze mounts (ormolu)
silver-plated metal
anchor escapement, weight driven, subsidiary dial with fine adjustment
14 in

These special wall clocks, so called „Brettluhren“ are a Viennese clock speciality of the 19th century. They are miniature wall clocks, which got their name from the small wall boards (vernacular „Brettl“) on which the clock cases are attached. Usually they are operated by a spring, which is wound up by means of mock weights. In this case, however, it is a rare weight-driven clock. The winding takes place with the help of a small counterweight. The case with veneered ash is decorated with fire-gilt bronze applications. The silver-plated dial has an engine turned and fire-gilt frame. Above the time display with Roman numerals there is an auxiliary dial for fine adjustment. The movement with anchor escapement has a short pendulum with a finely guilloché pendulum disc. The ash tree, one of the highest deciduous trees in Europe, is one of the noble deciduous woods. Its wood is particularly firm and elastic. Leaves, bark and fruits have been used as valuable remedies since ancient times. In Nordic mythology it was given a particularly important role in the form of the world ash Yggdrasil. The first man was also created from an ash tree trunk, which the gods breathed life into.

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