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Vienna, second quarter of the 19th century

fruit wood veneered, ebonized and polished, fire-gilt (ormolu) head of medusa, engraved and fire-gilt frame (ormolu), mother of pearl
dial ring made of fire-gilt bronze (ormolu)
anchor escapement, spring driven, winding by means of fine engine turned and fire-gilt mock weights
13 in

Reduced in the formal language and therefore extremely elegant is this Viennese miniature wall clock from the second quarter of the 19th century. The board consists of veneered, ebonized and polished fruit wood. The fire gilding of the clock case is unusually beautiful and additionally engraved laterally. Rarely is a dial like this made of mother of pearl. The round arch is adorned with a fire-gilt head of Medusa, while the dial ring is made of fire-gilt bronze. The anchor escapement is spring driven through winding by fine engine turned and fire-gilt mock weights.

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