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Regulator “Laterndluhr”

Laterndl-Wanduhr mit Mondphase

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Austria, first quarter of the 19th century

veneered, ebonized and polished fruit wood, carved wooden crest, gilt and polychrome mounted
enameled, wide engine turned and fire-gilt brass bezel (ormolu)
Graham escapement, second pendulum, knife edge suspension, indication of lunar phases, hidden weight, duration of one month
65 ¼ in

The case of this ebonized regulator “Laterndluhr” without a gable corresponds to the early “Laterndluhr”-types from the start of the 19th century. It is reminiscent of the works originating from the circle of the most famous Viennese master clockmakers, Philipp Fertbauer or Matthias Wibral. The spherical moon phase in the center of the crest, which is engraved in wood, gilded and painted, bestows the clock with a special charm. While sphere-shaped moon phases are typical for mantel and longcase clocks from the Baroque period (see clock museum, Vienna), they are uncommon in the 19th century. To date, we are not aware of any other regulator “Laterndluhr” clocks with a moon phase in the crest. This Laterndluhr is an exceptional, authentic wall clock of interesting provenance, and is also a prized piece thanks to its long running time of one month.

The movement with Graham escapement has a second pendulum with knife edge suspension. The weight, which drives the movement, is hidden in the case and not visible from the front.

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