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Month-Going Regulator (Laterndluhr) “Hitzinger in Wien”

Laterndluhr mit Monatsgang Jacob Hitzinger in Wien


Vienna, around 1830

“Jacob Hitzinger in Wien”
Jakob II Hi(e)tzinger,
Vienna, master 1820, † 1856
polished pyramid mahogany veneer, maple stripe inlays case in unrestored original condition!
Graham escapement, off-center weight duration of one month
41 in

The most prominent and surely the most elegant and expensive model of 19th-century Viennese clockmaking was and is undoubtedly the so-called “Laterndluhr” – a wall clock whose case was inspired by the shape of Viennese street lamps. Its charming nickname bears witness to this special language of design. This type of regulator, which was created through the brilliant collaboration of Austrian cabinetmakers and master clockmakers, was certainly also the most important wall clock for export thanks to its unusual elegance and outstanding craftsmanship. Thus, the “Laterndluhr” regulator, which in its time could hardly be surpassed in terms of precision, made a major contribution to the worldwide fame of Viennese clockmakers.

The master of this regulator, with a month-going movement, was the renowned and esteemed Jacob Hitzinger. He learned his trade with Andreas Fuss in Fünfhaus, received the title of master craftsman in 1820, and died in 1856 in the imperial capital. In the “Schematism of Viennese trade and commerce” of 1848, Jacob Hitzinger is named alongside Johann Kralik as holding the honorable position of dean of the clockmakers.

Accordingly, the regulator pictured here is of the highest quality. The month-going movement with Graham escapement and off-center weight is housed in an exceptionally slender and filigree case with a refined veneer of mahogany. The volute décor is a variation on the classic “Laterndluhr” type, and lend this wonderful wall clock a particular (Viennese) charm.

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