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Wall Clock with Round Top and Sunray Inlays

Wanduhr mit Runddach und Sonnenstrahl-Intarsien


Austria, second quarter of the 19th century

polished mahogany veneer, maple stripe inlay, carved Ionic capitals
opal glass
Graham escapement, duration of one month
48 ¾ in

The elegant case of this Viennese Dachluhr shows a wonderful mahogany veneer with a linear maple stripe inlay. The semicircular pediment is decorated with a sunburst maple inlay. In addition, two carved ionic capitals adorn this wall clock. The dial is made of opaline glass with a fine engine turned and fire gilt bezel. The movement with a duration of one month has a Grahamgang. This special kind of escapement was invented by George Graham around 1715. The classic anchor escapement can cause small inaccuracy through a minimal recoil of the escapement wheel. The escape wheel teeth of the Graham escapement are aligned exactly with the anchor movement, so that they are inhibited by the anchor, but not turned back. For this reason, the Graham escapement is also described as deadbeat escapement. The bigger anchor also embraces more teeth of the escapement wheel, which results in further precision.