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Regulator “Dachluhr” “Johann Golling in Wien”

Wanduhr – Dachluhr Johann Golling in Wien


Vienna, first quarter of the 19th century

Johann Karl Golling,
Vienna, mentioned 1820, 1837 citizen
polished mahogany veneer, maple stripe inlay
enameled dial
Graham escapement, duration of one month
34 ¼ in

So called „Dachluhren“ are a special type of Viennese regulators from the first half of the 19th century. Such regulators with a month duration are very rare and sough-after by collectors. This wonderful piece was made by the Viennese clockmaker Johann Golling in the first quarter of the 19th century. The typical case captivates by its clear, elegant form with a high rectangular shape, gable and continuous front door. It is veneered with the finest mahogany and decorated with linear maple inlays. The enamel dial is decorated with Roman numerals, a minute ring and the clockmaker’s signature. The month running movement has a Graham escapement. This special escapement is typical for Viennese regulators and was developed in the early 18th century by the English clockmaker George Graham. He was a collaborator and close friend of the legendary Thomas Tompion and further developed some of his inventions. The Graham escapement is a form of anchor escapement in which the anchor does not turn back the escapement wheel, resulting in significantly less friction loss and improving the precision of the movement.

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