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Wall Clock – “Eagle-Clock”



Vienna, around 1800

carved, polychrome mounted and gilt lime wood
anchor escapement, Viennese grande sonnerie on bells, repeater, turn-off for strike, indication of date
40 ¼ in

This wonderful unique Viennese wall clock dates from the time around 1800. In the former Austro-Hungarian Danube Monarchy, this type of clock was often referred to as an „eagle clock“. The eagle, since ancient times the „king of the air“, belongs to the majesties among the animals. Due to its position at the top of the food chain, it has been a symbol of kings and messengers of the highest gods for thousands of years. It has thus become a symbol of the power of domination and stands for vision, strength and courage. People all over the world chose him as their heraldic animal. The polychrome and gilded case, carved from lime wood, has the shape of an eagle with drapery. The enamel dial with Arabic numerals and minute ring has a date display with its own hand. The brass movement is equipped with an anchor escapement and has a Viennese grande sonnerie on bells, a repetition and a turn-off for the strike. An excellently made sun pendulum with thread suspension can be seen through the skillfully set opening in the carved drapery.


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