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Miniature Tiny Ticker with Leather Case “G. Obermayr in Wien”

Miniatur-Zappler mit Etui G. Obermayr in Wien

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Vienna, first half of the 19th century

“G. Obermayr in Wien”
Georg Obermay(e)r
Vienna, mentioned 1825, 1838 citizen
fire-gilt bronze (ormolu), front with scrolling foliage, shell and rocaille motifs and lion feet, original leather case (2.76 in.)
cylinder escapement, short front pendulum
2 in

Zapplers are miniature clocks with a short pendulum swinging in front of the dial. Its rapid, „fidgety“ („zappelig“ in German) movement gave this type of clock its name.

This excellent Zappler was made in the first quarter of the 19th century by the renowned Viennese watchmaker Georg Obermayr. The body of the miniature timepiece is made of fire-gilt bronze with a height of 2 in. The fronton is imaginatively decorated with acanthus volutes and shell motifs in matt and glossy gold and is carried by four lion’s claw feet. The white-enameled, signed dial is decorated with Roman numerals, has a minute ring and is surrounded by a bezel. The time is indicated by blued steel hands. The short pendulum is also made of steel and swings in front of the dial, at its lower end is a fire-gilt pendulum lens. The movement of this small timepiece has a cylinder escapement. The original Maroquin case, covered with embossed leather, fits exactly and is in very good condition. Such cases, consisting of a wooden core covered with leather and velvet lining, were individually made for the respective clock. The matching key from the period has also been preserved. A wonderful collector’s item and a real stroke of luck for every clock collector.

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