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Unusual small Table Clock Allegory of “Astronomy” “au cercle-tournant”

Ungewöhnlich kleine Tischuhr Allegorie „Astronomie“ „au cercle-tournant“


Vienna, first quarter of the 19th century

mat and gloss fire-gilt bronze (ormolu), winged putto with compass as fixed hand
rotating globe with dial ring (“cercle-tournant”)
verge escapement
4 in

The peculiarity of this small early Viennese table clock is that it displays the time horizontally with a rotating ring of numbers, so „au cercle-tournant“. The clock case is in fire-gilt bronze with mat and gloss effects in the shape of a winged putto with a globe, both standing on rocky ground. The oval base rests on three ball feet. With a circle as a fixed hand, the putto indicates the time on the rotating dial ring in the globe. The movement is driven by verge escapement.

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