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Small hexagonal Table Clock “Ledeirk London”

Kleine hexagonale Tischuhr Ledeirk London

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London, around 1740

signed on dial and plate “Ledeirk London” (palindrome of his name as pseudonym)
Johann Gottfried Kri(e)del(l)
Bautzen/Saxony, *1702, mentioned 1735 Bautzen, 1754 Cottbus, † 1757
engraved and fire-gilt bronze (ormolu), silver-plated bronze mounts, six glazed windows
verge escapement with fusee, 1/8-hour strike on bell by request, alarm on bell
3 ½ × 3 × 2 ½ in

This extraordinarily small and delicate table clock comes from the hand of the famous master clockmaker Johann Gottfried Kriedel. He liked to sign his precious clocks with the palindrome „Ledeirk“ as a pseudonym. A travel alarm clock by Kriedel is in the collection of the Mathematisch-Physikalischer Salon in Dresden.

The extremely fine hexagonal case of this beautiful table clock is made of engraved and fire-gilt bronze. The feet with shell and volute decorations, reminiscent of spread out wings, are silver-plated, as are the frames of the tiny glazed windows and the volute-shaped corner herms. The dial with alarm disc is also silver-plated. The movement with verge escapement and fusee has an eighth-hour strike on bell on request. The alarm also strikes the bell. The signed plate is partly openwork and elaborately decorated with engraved tendrils and shell motifs. Despite its small size of only 3 1/2 x 3 in and a height of 2 1/2 in, the richly detailed decoration testifies to the outstanding abilities of the case maker, whom the renowned clockmaker Kriedel chose for his movement.

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