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Picture Clock Work Shop of C. L. Hoffmeister „Alpine Village“

Bilderuhr Werkstatt C. L. Hoffmeister Alpendorf

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Vienna, second quarter of the 19th century

gilt bull's-eye frame
oil on metal
verge escapement, half hour strike on wire gong, repeater
19¼×22½ in

This charming small picture clock has a metal sheet with a masterly painted view of an alpine village. The numerous details and the skillfully staged figures and animals indicate the workshop of C. L. Hoffmeister as the source of the painting. Hoffmeister was the most famous painter of Viennese picture clocks. A wound street draws the eye of the viewer into the painting. On the street is a group of figures with a small dog which looks up at the church’s tower, in which the dial of the picture clock is integrated. An idyllic farm house with flower decoration and a pigeon cot imparts the romantically transfigured perception of country life during the Biedermeier area.

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