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Mantel Clock “Hussar”

Skulpturenuhr „Husar“


Vienna, first half of the 19th century

carved lime wood, polychrome mounted and gilt, veneered fruit wood base, ebonized and polished, floral and linear ink painting on the front side
anchor escapement, Viennese grande sonnerie on wire gongs, repeater, hidden in the base the musical movement with two tunes by “A. Olbrich in Wien”, operating every full hour
27 ¾ in

One melody plays the famous former Austrian imperial anthem, composed in 1796/97 by Joseph Haydn on behalf of Emperor Franz II (I). From 1797 the melody was the basis for the hymns of the House of Austria and from 1826 to 1918 was the official hymn of the Austrian Empire. In 1952 the melody became the German national anthem with different lyrics.

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