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Mantel Clock “Galleon” “Peter Rau in Wienn”

Skulpturenuhr Galeone Peter Rau in Wienn


Vienna, first quarter of the 19th century

Peter Rau
Vienna, *6.22.1780 Bingen/Rhine, citizen 10.24.1811, master 1811, †9.25.1829 Vienna
ebonized and polished fruit wood veneer mounts made of gilt bronze, brass and bone, sphinx-shaped figurehead, rich figural decoration with carved and polychrome painted figurines in the shape of Ottoman merchants sails made of silver-plated metal, partly painted with blue stripes, partly engraved, rectangular base with mirror glass surface
anchor escapement, Viennese grande sonnerie on wire gongs, repeater, turn-off for strike, indication of date
34¼ in

Sculptural clocks in the form of a ship are a rare and sought-after specialty of the Viennese art of clockmaking from the 19th century. This museum-worthy timepiece stands out with its magnificent clock case in the shape of a three-masted galleon. The shape of the front mast (a combination of foremast and jib-boom) is one of the distinguishing features of this type of Viennese clock. In addition, the silver and blue striped sail, the cannon barrels and casks made of bone or shells, the original, carved and painted “crew” in the form of seven Ottoman seafarers as well as the sphinx as the figurehead make this timepiece a classic example of the Austrian tradition of nautical sculptural clocks. The dial is integrated into the main mast and bears the signature of the prominent Viennese clockmaker Peter Rau. Without a doubt, this remarkable showpiece of Viennese clockmaking is the absolute highlight of any collection.

provenance: according to previous possession in a patrician collection in Lindau

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