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Figure Clock “Joseph II” with Moving Eyes

Figurenuhr „Joseph II.“ mit Augenwender

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Austria, 18th century

cut and painted iron sheet
brass movement with verge escapement, automaton (moving eyes) coupled with the movement
19¼ in

This rare clock with moving eyes is designed in the form of a monument to the emperor and supreme commander Joseph II (1741–1790). The pedestal, with painted dial in a laurel wreath, is laterally decorated with Austrian banners (Emperor’s banner – black double-headed eagle on a yellow background – and red-white-red navy flag) and martial symbols. Joseph II in a three-quarter profile, dressed in the dark green uniform with red equalization of his Chevauleger regiment (“Imperial Dragoons“), wears the Order of the Golden Fleece and the Grand Cross and riband of the Military Order of Maria Theresa.

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