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Empire Mantel Clock “Fortune” “Johann Josef Gaertner”

Empireuhr „Fortuna“ „Johann Josef Gaertner“


Raab (former Habsburg monarchy, today Györ), first quarter of the 19th century

"Johann Josef Gaertner"
Johann Josef Gärtner/Gertner
Raab, *1762, †1827
patinated and mat and gloss, fire-gilt bronze (ormolu), fire-gilt bronze mounts (ormolu), rich figural staffage
anchor escapement, Viennese grande sonnerie on wire gongs, repeater, turn-off for strike
15 ¼ in

A half-kneeling boy carries the clock drum with his hands. On the left, a young man with a loincloth and palm branch, on the right, a female figure in an antique style robe, on her head a basket with plants. The back base shows in a particularly high quality and finely worked a relief with Apollo. The frontal pedestal is decorated with three reliefs. In front, a scene with Venus sitting, holding a dove in her hand, the winged Cupid leaning against her knee. Two masks symbolize the theater. The clock is crested with vegetal and floral decor as well as a dove.

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