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Long Case Clock „Battle near Aspern“ with Automatons and Wall Mounting

Bodenstanduhr Schlacht bei Aspern mit Automaten und Wandhalterung


Vienna, first quarter of the 19th century

Empire Style case with later additions, polished mahogany veneer, fire-gilt bronze mounts (ormolu)
brass wheel train with wooden plates, anchor escapement, half hour strike on bell, count wheel striking, automatons (soldiers and bust of archduke Karl) coupled with the strike
70 in

This elegant long case clock with wall mounting and automatons is dedicated to the Battle of Aspern. On the back panel of the housing is the inscription: “Produced by F. X. Sauter in Vienna in 1809 to commemorate the victory of Archduke Charles at Aspern and Essling. Deo Gratias.” The Battle of Aspern took place between Habsburg and Napoleonic troops on May 21 and 22, 1809 at the Lower Austrian towns of Aspern and Essling. Above the dial of this unique longcase clock there is a watercolor with a depiction of the storming of the churchyard of Aspern. In front of it are two automated figures in form of a French and an Austrian soldier fighting, which are linked to the striking mechanism. Behind them is a short visible pendulum with a double-headed eagle with victor’s laurels in its talons. A small locket opens and closes while the clock is striking, revealing a bust of Archduke Charles, the commander in chief of the Austrian troops. The narrow Empire style casing out of polished mahogany veneer is decorated with ormolu mounts. The brass movement with wooden plates has an anchor escapement and a half hour strike on bell by count wheel striking.

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