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Mantel Clock “Windmill” with Automaton, André Romain Guilmet, attributed

Kommodenuhr „Windmühle” mit Automat


France, end of the 19th century

André Romain Guilmet, attributed
*1827 La Ferté-Gaucher, 1861 clockmaker in Paris, †1892 Neuilly-sur-Seine
patinated metal, brass, black marble base, lateral two thermometers (Fahrenheit or. centigrade) with spiral reservoirs
silver-plated metal dial, barometer with similar display
door concealing the winding square for the separate automaton-movement, driving the rotating windmill blades, echappement
17 in

Guilmet was mainly famous for his 1867 patented “mystery clock” with glass pendulum (Brevet No. 783110) and for his “Pendule Industrielle”, clocks in industrial form such as locomotives, steam engines, lighthouses or even windmills. They are an expression of the enthusiasm for the industrial revolution and the technical development, whereby attempts were made to imitate the original as faithfully as possible. As a versatile inventor he not only created unusual clocks, but among other things, a bicycle with a chain drive – still standard today on bicycles – which he invented together with Edouard Meyer.

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