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Figure Clock “The Clock Seller”

Uhrenmännchen Der Uhrenverkäufer


Austrian/South German, 19th century

carved, polychrome mounted and gilt lime wood, detachable head
verge escapement with short pendulum
11 ¾ in

This excellently carved figure clock depicts a man in rural festive clothing in meticulous attention to detail. The elegantly dressed gentleman carries a Black Forest clock with pendulum and weight under his right arm and a walking stick in his left. Thus he belongs to the type of clock peddler. The head with a young, beardless face is removable. The enamel dial with Arabic numerals is inserted into the upper part of the body, the front pendulum is attached to the neck. The figurine wears a long black jacket with gold buttons, a white shirt, a red waistcoat, a black scarf as well as green knee breeches and black boots. It is set on a green and white painted and gilt base with a pearl fillet. The movement with a short front pendulum is operated by a verge escapement.

cf.: F. Haverkamp/B. Techen: Von Augenwendern und Schnappautomaten. Die Welt der Uhrenmännchen und Figurenuhren von 1635 bis 1960, Darmstadt 2018, p. 113 a. 121.

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