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Empire Carriage Clock “Kaufman in Wien”

Empire-Reiseuhr „Kaufman in Wien“


Vienna, first quarter of the 19th century

"Kaufman in Wien"
Kaufmann, first name unknown, (probably Heinrich K. 1780)
Vienna, active during the first half of the 19th century
engine turned and fire-gilt bronze (ormolu), fire-gilt lion chimaeras (ormolu), finial in the shape of a fire-gilt swan (ormolu)
Viennese grande sonnerie on wire gongs, repeater, turn-off for strike
7 ¾ in

This Viennese carriage clock from the Empire era captivates by the elegant design of the engine turned and fire-gilt bronze case and its balanced proportional relationship to the enamel dial. The contrast of the white of the enamel and the fire gilding looks very harmonious. Magnificent lion chimeras hold the clock drum. A swan with a tilted head, wings ready to fly and with an unusually curled tail, which ends in an arrowhead, serves as crest. The movement has a duplex escapement, a Viennese grande sonnerie on wire gongs, a repetition as well as a turn-off for strike.

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