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Carriage Clock with Leather Case „Sachs in Wien“

Reiseuhr mit Etui Johann Sachs in Wien

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Vienna, around 1800

"Johann Sachs in Wien" (on the plate)
Johann Sachs,
Vienna, 1765 master, †1815
fire-gilt bronze (ormolu)
enamel with floral miniature paintings
verge escapement, petite sonnerie on bells, repeater, turn-off for strike by seperate hand, indication of date
7¼ in

This early and elegant carriage clock was made by Viennese clockmaker Johann Sachs around 1800. The ormolu casing is fitted with a porcelain front on which are painted the dial with indication of date and a secondary dial for turning-off the strike. The remaining surface is skillfully decorated with floral miniature painting. It is a wonderful and rare piece of luck that the original leather case of the clock is still preserved. The movement with verge escapement is equipped with a petite sonnerie on bells. A petite sonnerie is a special kind of quarter strike which only chimes the number of hours at the full hour.

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