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Carriage Clock “Bacchus Child” “Brändl in Wien”

Reiseuhr Bacchusknabe Brändl in Wien (signiert auf der Platine)

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Vienna, first quarter of the 19th century

Anton Brändl (Brandt, Brendl),
Vienna, mentd. 1788 a. 1818
engine turned and fire-gilt bronze (ormolu), matt and gloss gilding, two putti with musical instruments, Bacchus child with grapes as finial
dial made of engine turned and fire-gilt bronze (ormolu), enamel dial ring
verge escapement with fusee, Viennese grande sonnerie on wire gongs, repeater, turn-off for strike, alarm on wire gong, signature on the plate
8½ in

This splendid travel clock by the renowned Viennese clockmaker Anton Brändl is published and illustrated in Frederick Kaltenböck’s standard work „Viennese Timepieces“.

The figuratively designed case is made of artistically fire-gilt bronze. Two music-making putti rest on a stepped base with bun feet and carry the engine turned case drum. A Bacchus Child with grapes serves as the finial. The wine god Bacchus (Greek Dionysos) was accompanied by bacchants, maenads and satyrs during his feasts. The two music-making putti depicted here are probably satyrs, who not only appeared as a hybrid between man and goat or donkey, but could also take the form of unclothed young men. They were associated with the Greek shepherd god Pan and the Roman forest spirit Faunus and danced, drank and pressed wine during bacchanalian feasts. Another of their tasks was to make music, whereby they usually played the flute and the cymbal (a dulcimer struck with mallets), as is also shown in this exquisite clock case.

The guilloché and fire-gilt dial with enameled dial ring has an additional hand for setting the alarm (on a bell). The movement with verge escapement and fusee has a Viennese grande sonnerie on wire gongs, repeater and a lever to turn off the strike. The signature of the famous clockmaker Anton Brändl can be found on the plate.

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